Chakra Balancing Technique

Skills for empowering yourself and others

Appropriate for ALL skill levels!


Sunday, January 19, 2019

11 am - 6 pm


  1. Chakra Function and Purpose - Learn how the energy of the Chakra system flows and how the body, mind and spirit are affected by it

  2. Energetic Etiquette - Understand how to approach working in someone’s vulnerable energy field

  3. Scanning Chakra Energy Flow - Open to sensing the flow of the subtle energies of the body and how to recognize when they are low, high or balanced

  4. Creating Sacred Space - Discover techniques for preparing and holding clear energetic space for yourself and your clients

  5. Understanding Dis-Ease - Establish a working knowledge of how Chakra energies out of balance can affect our physical bodies, mental and emotional processes and our connection to the realm of spirit

  6. Tools for bringing Balance - Gain a set of powerful tools that can bring balance to the Chakra system including full colored charts, vibrational tools and guided visualizations.

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This powerful approach to achieving and maintaining

energetic balance will be a substantial gift to give to yourself and your clients!

Through this workshop you will leave

empowered to offer a Chakra Balancing Modality!

This offering is appropriate for anybody interested

in learning about Chakra Balancing, regardless of experience!

Massage Therapists and Yoga Instructors can earn

6 hours of continued education (CE) through this workshop.